Updated: Aug 13

After two years of studying Graphic Design and achieving a Certificate IV in Design and a Diploma of Graphic Design, the scary thing is what to do with it? Yes I'd planned to get into the design industry by doing my courses but what part of the industry is best for me?

I'd always wanted to design, draw, use technology, learn new apps, hone my Adobe Suite skills, etc. Basically use my brain to create different media. Plus, I have a partner that is from England, so in the medium to long term I wanted something that I could also do online when I'm overseas.

But what could I do that encompasses that?

Graphic Design is a very broad field with lots of different branches and industries that need a graphic designer:

logo design; product design; digital; editorial; web; social media; books; catalogues; flyers; brochures; posters; t-shirt; illustrations; reports; photo editing; etc.

During my Diploma year at TasTAFE we were encouraged to narrow down what field of Graphic Design we thought we could enter. While doing an extra computer based course on the side I found myself drawn to Website Design. For the rest of my Diploma I focussed on this and starting planning ahead. So cut to January 2020, I've finished my Diploma and it was time to stop thinking and start doing!

Registering a business, purchasing software and hardware, designing my own logo and website, getting my business known and believing in myself is a daunting task. But one that once you sit down and plan the steps and put them in order is very achievable. Start with a list (or a Kanban chart if that's your thing! Thanks to Tony Nunn at TAFE) and tick them off as you go. You'll never know until you try. Also reach out to people already in the industry, you'll be surprised! Send them an email or FB message, see if you can meet them for 15 minutes and pick their brain.

So in early January I had 'Clicking Mouse Web Design' up and running. ABN registered - check. Logo and website designed - check. Launched on social media to spread the word - check.

It's been a great experience so far and I have had lots of general art design jobs, logo design jobs, I've set up Facebook Ad campaigns for companies plus I've designed websites for local Launceston companies (check these out - thanks for the support Progress Switchboards; Complete Fitness Personal Training; Launceston Counselling & Hypnotherapy Services ).

So far so good!